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Remove Alchemist class and associated skills/code
Alchemy has always been ridiculously broken and there's been a huge amount of horrible code to support it. Sorry to any fans of Alchemy, but it's got to go.
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@@ -27,11 +27,15 @@ playable, and maybe even powerful enough to win the game!
Here follows a list of all the available abilities:
-*****ability.txt*02[Spread blows] *****ability.txt*03[Tree walking]
-*****ability.txt*04[Perfect casting] *****ability.txt*05[Extra Max Blow(1)]
-*****ability.txt*06[Extra Max Blow(2)] *****ability.txt*07[Ammo creation]
-*****ability.txt*08[Touch of death] *****ability.txt*09[Artifact Creation]
-*****ability.txt*10[Far reaching attack] *****ability.txt*11[Trapping]
+*****ability.txt*02[Spread blows]
+*****ability.txt*03[Tree walking]
+*****ability.txt*04[Perfect casting]
+*****ability.txt*05[Extra Max Blow(1)]
+*****ability.txt*06[Extra Max Blow(2)]
+*****ability.txt*07[Ammo creation]
+*****ability.txt*08[Touch of death]
+*****ability.txt*10[Far reaching attack]
*****ability.txt*12[Undead Form]
~~~~~02|Abilities|Spread blows
@@ -84,12 +88,6 @@ for that kill.
You must activate this from your 'm' menu.
#####UPrereq: Necromancy skill@50, Combat skill@40, DEX@30, STR@30
#####rCost: 15
-~~~~~09|Abilities|Artifact Creation
-[[[[[BArtifact Creation]
-In combination with a high alchemy skill this ability will let you
-design your very own artifacts.
-Prereq: Alchemy@40, INT@35, WIS@35
-#####rCost: 70
~~~~~10|Abilities|Far reaching attack
[[[[[BFar reaching attack]
You can attack an enemy one square far using a long polearm.
diff --git a/lib/help/automat.txt b/lib/help/automat.txt
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--- a/lib/help/automat.txt
+++ b/lib/help/automat.txt
@@ -25,10 +25,9 @@ things providing you are of a certain level.
#####GSounds quite cool, but wha...
STOP RIGHT THERE! I haven't finished yet! Let's look at some other examples.
Most of the time, scrolls of darkness are pretty useless. Unless you are a
-vampire, or an alchemist, right? So you might think it was no good to add
-auto-destroy of scrolls of darkness to the automatizer. But you'd be wrong, for
-you can add rules that are dependent on certain conditions, like that you are
-of a certain race, or class.
+vampire, right? So you might think it was no good to add auto-destroy of scrolls
+of darkness to the automatizer. But you'd be wrong, for you can add rules that
+are dependent on certain conditions, like that you are of a certain race, or class.
#####GHey this is sounding good. What if it destroys my artifacts?
It can't. Artifacts can never be destroyed, by the automatizer. However, watch
diff --git a/lib/help/birth.txt b/lib/help/birth.txt
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--- a/lib/help/birth.txt
+++ b/lib/help/birth.txt
@@ -240,7 +240,7 @@ Paladin. For the first few adventures it is suggested that you run a warrior
or rogue. Spell casting generally requires a more experienced player that is
familiar with survival techniques.
- *****c_alchem.txt*0[Alchemist] *****c_mage.txt*0[Mage] *****c_rogue.txt*0[Rogue]
+ *****c_mage.txt*0[Mage] *****c_rogue.txt*0[Rogue]
*****c_archer.txt*0[Archer] *****c_mimic.txt*0[Mimic] *****c_runecr.txt*0[Runecrafter]
*****c_assass.txt*0[Assassin] *****c_mindcr.txt*0[Mindcrafter] *****c_sorcer.txt*0[Sorceror]
*****c_axemas.txt*0[Axemaster] *****c_monk.txt*0[Monk] *****c_summon.txt*0[Summoner]
@@ -504,7 +504,6 @@ are listed in the following table.
Unbeliever +5 -2 -2 +2 +2 -1
Warrior +5 -2 -2 +2 +2 -1
- Alchemist -5 +3 0 +1 -2 +1
Geomancer -5 +3 0 +1 -2 +1
Mage -5 +3 0 +1 -2 +1
Necromancer -5 +3 0 +1 -2 +1
diff --git a/lib/help/c_alchem.txt b/lib/help/c_alchem.txt
deleted file mode 100644
index 2f7cd58c..00000000
--- a/lib/help/c_alchem.txt
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,135 +0,0 @@
-#####R=== Alchemists ===
-Alchemists are the only class that can harness the abilities of the
-essences found in the dungeon. They can add these essences to staves,
-rings, wands, rods, and sometimes weapons and armour to create new items
-or recharge old ones. They can also extract essences from magical items
-they find. Using these abilities, Alchemists can get very good items at
-low levels. The trouble is getting them to survive later on.
-Alchemists are extremely proficient with all kinds of magical devices,
-and have made a fine art of extracting, storing, and using these
-objects' magical energies. Because they neither fight well nor cast
-powerful spells, Alchemists rely on their craftsmanship to cope with
-the dangers of the dungeons. They will quickly learn to create damage-
-dealing wands, rods, and staffs, forge powerful weapons and armour,
-make highly useful objects of other kinds, and eventually, at great cost
-to other knowledge, they can learn the perilous art of artifact creation
-#####GStarting Stat Modifiers
-Strength -5
-Intelligence +3
-Wisdom +0
-Dexterity +1
-Constitution -2
-Charisma +1
-Hit Die +d0
-Spell Points +0%
-Exp Penalty 30%
-#####GStarting Skills:
-#####BSkill Start Level Skill Point Gains
-Combat 1.000 [0.700]
- Weaponmastery 0.700 [0.700]
-Sneakiness 1.000 [0.900]
- Stealth 0.000 [0.400]
-Magic 3.000 [0.900]
- Magic-Device 1.000 [1.250]
- Geomancy
- Fire 0.000 [0.100]
- Water 0.000 [0.100]
- Air 0.000 [0.100]
- Earth 0.000 [0.100]
- Meta 0.000 [0.500]
- Conveyance 0.000 [0.100]
- Divination 0.000 [0.500]
- Temporal 0.000 [0.100]
- Mind 0.000 [0.100]
- Nature 0.000 [0.100]
- Necromancy 0.000 [0.100]
- Runecraft 0.000 [0.700]
- Thaumaturgy 0.000 [0.100]
- Alchemy 1.000 [0.800]
-Spirituality 1.000 [0.800]
- Prayer 0.000 [0.500]
-Monster-lore 0.000 [0.500]
-*An Alchemist cannot learn the Geomancy skill, but it is shown in his skill
-screen because the elemental schools are sub-skills of it.
-#####GInnate Abilities:
-#####BAbility Character level
-Perfect casting 1
-#####GStarting Equipment
-An Alchemist begins the game with:
- a Dagger
- six Essences of Explosion
- an Empty Bottle
- a Set of Leather Gloves
-~~~~~03|Alchemist|Alchemy powers explained
-~~~~~05|Skills|Alchemy - Alchemy powers
-[[[[[BThe alchemical techniques are accessed using the 'm' key.]
-Alchemists may then 'E'xtract essences or add 'P'owers. The Alchemist [[[[[vmust]
-be wearing GLOVES to use their alchemy powers.
-An Alchemist is also capable of [[[[[Bcreating their own artifacts], but
-this is a time-consuming, and costly, activity. To do so, he must first
-learn the ability *****ability.txt*09[Artifact Creation], which costs a whopping 70 skill points
-to learn, and requires some high pre-requisites. Once he has done so,
-he needs to imbue an ego item with a number of essences of magic (equal
-to their skill level) and then wield the item. While using the item,
-it will gain experience (which reduces the amount of exp the wearer
-gains during this time). When the Alchemist feels that the item is
-powerful enough, he can finalise the artifact by "buying" powers using
-the experience the artifact has collected. He will also require exotic
-ingredients to add the abilities.
-Most (but not all) potions, scrolls, wands, staffs, rods, rings, and
-amulets contain usable magical energies. An Alchemist taps that
-energy, using the technique "'E'xtract essences" to create one or more
-essences of a type appropriate to the original object.
-The drained object itself is now called "of nothing". Unlike any
-other kind of object, it can have new magics added to it.
-An Alchemist can add power to such items by using essences he made or
-found. He does this with the technique "'P'ower". He can then select
-the object he wishes to enchant, and the kind of object he wishes to
-create. Only object types for which he knows the recipe will be displayed,
-and ones for which essences are lacking will be displayed in red. Objects
-whose level exceeds his own are sometimes difficult to create, though
-he can always add gold to improve the chances of his success.
-[[[[[BA few pointers:]
- -Recipes are (usually) logical. Acid essences don't make Dragon
- Weapons. And you can always look at the recipes you know with
- the "recipe 'B'ook" command.
- -Not all objects or ego-item types can be made using alchemy.
- -Alchemy is mostly reversible. Most items that you can
- 'E'xtract from, you can later re-create, if you learn about
- them when extracting from them. You won't always get enough
- essences from destroying an item to recreate it, though the
- chance of doing so will get higher as you increase in skill.
- -*Identifying* an object that you can destroy will always teach
- you how to create it (if creating it is possible).
- -Since you can't create abilities in artifacts that you aren't
- aware of, make sure to *identify* all the artifacts you can.
- -You can't *identify* things you buy in shops, so you'll have
- to extract from them and take your chances.
-[[[[[BSome Recipes:]
-Any Alchemist worth his salt knows lots of recipes. By extracting from
-items in the dungeon, he learns to create more and more items. You can
-see the recipes you know using the "recipe 'B'ook" command. The Alchemist
-starts off knowing some basic recipes, and gains more recipes as time
-goes on.
-More details can be found in the *****essences.txt*0[Essences SPOILER]).
diff --git a/lib/help/command.txt b/lib/help/command.txt
index ee58a77e..04a63fd8 100644
--- a/lib/help/command.txt
+++ b/lib/help/command.txt
@@ -783,9 +783,9 @@ for a quantity will convert any "letters" into the maximal legal value.
Use this command to read a scroll. Scroll spells usually have an
area effect, except for a few cases where they act on other objects.
Reading a scroll causes the parchment to disintegrate as the scroll
- takes effect, unless you are an Alchemist. Most scrolls which prompt
- for more information can be aborted (by pressing escape), which will
- stop reading the scroll before it disintegrates.
+ takes effect. Most scrolls which prompt for more information can
+ be aborted (by pressing escape), which will stop reading the scroll
+ before it disintegrates.
[[[[[GInscribe an object ({)]
This command inscribes a string on an object. The inscription is
diff --git a/lib/help/defines.txt b/lib/help/defines.txt
index 13609658..147e61a1 100644
--- a/lib/help/defines.txt
+++ b/lib/help/defines.txt
@@ -12,7 +12,6 @@ instance don't have svalues as they are defined in lua.
TV_SKELETON 1 /* Skeletons ('s') */
TV_BOTTLE 2 /* Empty bottles ('!') */
-*****defines.txt*04[TV_BATERIE] 4 /* For the Alchemists */
TV_SPIKE 5 /* Spikes ('~') */
TV_MSTAFF 6 /* Mage Staffs */
TV_CHEST 7 /* Chests ('~') */
@@ -603,27 +602,6 @@ TV_BOOK 111 /* spell books */
-/* The "sval" codes for TV_BATERIE */
/* The "sval" codes for TV_CORPSE */
diff --git a/lib/help/dungeon.txt b/lib/help/dungeon.txt
index eca8046d..f719fabc 100644
--- a/lib/help/dungeon.txt
+++ b/lib/help/dungeon.txt
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ something you are more comfortable with.
~ Lites, Tools, Chests, etc ) A shield
~ Junk, Sticks, Skeletons, etc ` Trapping kit, climbing set
~ Stone, random artifact o Egg
- * An essence & (unused)
+ & (unused)
#####G Monsters
diff --git a/lib/help/essences.txt b/lib/help/essences.txt
deleted file mode 100644
index f329fa80..00000000
--- a/lib/help/essences.txt
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,219 +0,0 @@
-~~~~~02|Alchemist|Essence Spoiler
-#####REssence Spoiler for ToME 2.2.0
-Essences are the tools of the trade for Alchemists, and unfortunately are
-useless for any other class. Alchemists use essences to create magical
-items for them to use.
-They can be either found on the floor while exploring the dungeon, or
-extracted from other magical items the alchemist finds during his
-To create an artifact, the alchemist will first have to have learnt the
-Artifact Creation ability. This ability costs 70 skill points (yes, 70,
-it's a very powerful ability!). And you need an alchemy skill of at least
-40, plus INT and WIS at 35 (thats 18/170 in non-linear form).
-To create the artifact, the alchemist will have to sacrifice 10 hit points,
-and an amount of magic essence similar to his skill in alchemy. The
-alchemist then allows the artifact to gain experience, and when it has
-enough, uses that experience to add abilities to the artifact. The
-alchemist can allow the artifact to continue to gain experience, thus
-keeping open the option to add more abilities later. This requires a
-similar amount of magic essence, but does not require the sacrifice of
-more hit points.
-Note that the experience you gain is divided among the artifacts that you
-have as well as going to yourself, so you will gain levels more slowly when
-empowering artifacts. Also, the artifact only gets 60% of the experience.
-So killing a creature worth 20xp would gain 10 for you, and 6 for the
-You can also modify existing artifacts when you attain skill level 50. Also
-at skill level 50 you will gain the ability to make temporary artifacts,
-which don't require the complex empowerments that regular items require,
-but also vanish after awhile.
-You cannot give an artifact an ability unless you have *Identified* an
-artifact which has that ability.
-For every four levels gained in the alchemy skill, the alchemist learns
-about objects of level (skill level)/4, starting by learning about level 1
-objects at skill level 0. (actually 1, but who's counting?)
-At skill level 5 you gain the ability to make ego items - but watch it!
-Your base failure rate will be 90%, and won't be 0% until you reach skill
-level 50. Adding gold will increase the chances of success in direct
-proportion to the value of the item you are trying to create. Note that
-this results in automatic success when the item you are trying to create
-happens to pick up a curse in the process.
-At skill level 5 you also gain knowledge of some basic ego item recipes.
-These are: Acidic, Shocking, Fiery, Frozen, Venomous, and Chaotic weapons,
-Resist Fire armour, and light sources of Fearlessness.
-At skill level 10 you will gain knowledge of digging ego items, if you have
-selected the option "always generate very unusual rooms" (ironman_rooms).
-At skill level 15 you can create ego wands, staves, rings, etc.
-At skill level 25 you gain the ability to empower double ego items.
-At skill level 50 you gain the ability to create temporary artifacts, which
-don't require any exotic ingredients beyond a single corpse of any type.
-Between skill levels 25 and 50, you will steadily gain the ability to set
-more and more flags.
-To finalise an artifact, you "P"ower it, and select the powers you want.
-Powers are divided into the following six categories:
-*****essences.txt*03[Stats, Sustains, Luck, Speed, Vision, etc.]
-*****essences.txt*04[Misc. (Auras, Light, See Invisibility, etc.)]
-*****essences.txt*05[Weapon Brands]
-*****essences.txt*06[Resistances and Immunities]
-*****essences.txt*07[ESP and Curses]
-*****essences.txt*08[Artifact Activations]
-#####GStats, Sustains, Luck, Speed, Vision, etc.
-lvl xp Power
-40 5000 Add to Strength Ring of Strength
-43 5000 Add to Intelligence Ring of Intelligence
-46 5000 Add to Wisdom Amulet of Wisdom
-46 5000 Add to Dexterity Ring of Dexterity
-42 5000 Add to Constitution Ring of Constitution
-30 5000 Add to Charisma Amulet of Adornment
-32 1000 Sustain Strength Ring of Sustain Strength
-34 1000 Sustain Intelligence Ring of Sustain Intelligence
-28 1000 Sustain Wisdom Ring of Sustain Wisdom
-36 1000 Sustain Dexterity Ring of Sustain Dexterity
-36 1000 Sustain Constitution Ring of Sustain Constitution
-25 1000 Sustain Charisma Ring of Sustain Charisma
-40 50000 Speed Ring of Speed
-38 150000 Extra Attacks Ring of Extra Attacks
-32 5000 Stealthy Left Insole from a Used Soft Boot
-29 2000 Adds to Searching Filthy Rag
- 6 1000 Helps Infravision Brass Lantern
-30 1000 Lucky Rabbit's Left Forefoot
-25 30000 Aids in digging Pick
-40 50000 Multiplies Life Troll's Heart
-#####GMisc. (Auras, Light, See Invisibility, etc.)
-lvl xp Power
-20 15000 Invisibility Potion of Invisibility
-20 4000 See Invisible Potion of Invisibility
-20 30000 Free Action Iron Spike
-38 90000 Reflection Large Metal Shield
-20 30000 Aura of Fire Lungs from an Ancient Red Dragon
-25 30000 Aura of Lightning Lungs from an Ancient Blue Dragon
- 8 1000 Light Everburning Torch
-20 10000 Bright Light Dwarven Lantern
-40 100000 Sunlight Feanorian Lamp
-40 200000 Flight Suit of Dragon Armour (any colour)
-50 10000000 Automatically IDs Morgoth's Testicles
-29 2000 Anti-Teleportation Teleport Inhibiting Amulet
-34 2000 Anti-Magic Magic Inhibiting Amulet
-50 100000 Wraith Form Potion of Invulnerability
-15 1000 Levitation Potion of Berserk Strength
-20 10000 Slow Digestion Lembas Wafer
-32 20000 Regenerate Mushroom of Unhealth
-12 20000 Teleport Mushroom of Confusion
-#####GWeapon Brands
-lvl xp Power
-30 20000 Extra Critical Hits Whip
-30 30000 Wounds Monsters Blade of Chaos
-26 6000 Vampiric Rod Tip of Drain Life
-16 2000 Slay Animal Dead Animal's Body
-25 2000 Slay Evil Evil Dead Thing's Remains
-30 2000 Slay Undead Remains of Undead Monster
-40 1500 Slay Demon Demon's Corpse
-10 700 Slay Orc Dead Orc
-16 700 Slay Troll Dead Troll
-25 900 Slay Giant Dead Giant
-33 2000 Slay Dragon Dead Dragon (any size will do)
-41 5000 *Slay* Dragon Mature Multi-Hued Dragon's Remains
-41 90000 *Slay* Undead Dead Summoner of Greater Undead
-41 90000 *Slay* Demon Lesser Balrog's Corpse
-36 20000 Vorpal
-40 90000 Earthquakes
- 3 2000 Poison Brand
-12 2000 Acid Brand
-10 2000 Lightning Brand
- 6 2000 Fire Brand
- 8 2000 Frost Brand
-30 3000 Extra Might (Bows Only)
-35 3000 Extra Shots (Bows Only)
-#####GResistances and Immunities
-lvl xp Power
-49 500000 Immune to Acid Ancient Black Dragon's Foreskin
-50 500000 Immune to Lightning Ancient Blue Dragon's Foreskin
-49 500000 Immune to Fire Ancient Red Dragon's Foreskin
-50 500000 Immune to Cold Ancient White Dragon's Foreskin
-30 30000 Hold Life Amulet of the Magi
-12 10000 Resist Acid Ring of Acid
-15 10000 Resist Lightning Ring of Lightning
-13 10000 Resist Fire Potion of Resist Heat
-14 10000 Resist Cold Potion of Resist Cold
-25 30000 Resist Poison Potion of Cure Poison
-26 10000 Resist Fear Ring of Fear Resistance
-31 60000 Resist Light Ring of Light and Darkness Resistance
-31 60000 Resist Darkness Ring of Light and Darkness Resistance
-30 30000 Resist Blindness Ring of Blindness Resistance
-30 30000 Resist Confusion Ring of Confusion Resistance
-30 60000 Resist Sound Ring of Sound Resistance
-30 60000 Resist Shards Ring of Shard Resistance
-30 60000 Resist Nether Ring of Nether Resistance
-30 60000 Resist Nexus Ring of Nexus Resistance
-30 60000 Resist Chaos Ring of Chaos Resistance
-30 60000 Resist Disenchantment Ring of Disenchantment Resistance
-#####GESP and Curses
-lvl xp Power
-50 -100000 Temporary Item Corpse, any corpse
-10 -2000 Self-Cursing Filthy Rag
-45 -10000 Causes the Black Breath Sprig of Athelas
-40 -5000 Ancient Curse Scroll of *Remove Curse*
-40 -5000 Drains your Experience
-30 -5000 Aggravates Monsters
-30 -500 Curse Scroll of Remove Curse
-50 -5000 Permanently Cursed
-35 -2000 Can't be Dropped
-45 -5000 Drains your Hit Points
-20 -50000 Wielder Can't Move
-40 20000 Telepathy Formerly Floating Eye
-25 3000 Sense Orcs
-25 3000 Sense Trolls
-25 5000 Sense Dragons
-25 5000 Sense Giants
-25 5000 Sense Demons
-25 5000 Sense Undead
-25 5000 Sense Evil
-25 5000 Sense Animals
-25 5000 Sense Thunderlords
-25 5000 Sense Good
-25 5000 Sense Nonliving
-25 5000 Sense Unique Monsters
-25 2000 Sense Spiders
-#####GArtifact Activations
-lvl xp Power
-40 40000 Sunlight Brass Lantern
-20 4000 Magic Missile (1)
-30 300000 Magic Missile (2)
-40 400000 Ball of Missiles
-30 300000 Bolt of Lightning
-30 300000 Ball of Lightning
-35 350000 Ball of Lightning(2)
-40 400000 Ball of Lightning(3)
-40 400000 Ball of Lightning(4)
-45 450000 Breath Lightning
-50 40000 Fire a Rocket
diff --git a/lib/help/index.txt b/lib/help/index.txt
index d306b688..87293d27 100644
--- a/lib/help/index.txt
+++ b/lib/help/index.txt
@@ -27,7 +27,6 @@ Don't forget you can browse the help from the *****help.hlp*02[Main menu].
*****ability.txt*07[Ammo creation]
- *****ability.txt*09[Artifact Creation]
*****ability.txt*05[Extra Max Blow 1]
*****ability.txt*06[Extra Max Blow 2]
*****ability.txt*10[Far reaching attack]
@@ -38,9 +37,6 @@ Don't forget you can browse the help from the *****help.hlp*02[Main menu].
*****ability.txt*03[Tree walking]
*****ability.txt*12[Undead Form]
*****m_air.txt*02[Air Magic]
- *****c_alchem.txt*01[Alchemist]
- *****c_alchem.txt*03[Alchemy powers explained]
- *****essences.txt*02[Essence Spoiler]
*****tome_faq.txt*37[Anti-magic Amulets and the Anti-magic shell]
@@ -88,7 +84,6 @@ Don't forget you can browse the help from the *****help.hlp*02[Main menu].
*****tome_faq.txt*34[Character choice is too confusing]
- *****c_alchem.txt*02[Alchemist]
@@ -192,7 +187,6 @@ Don't forget you can browse the help from the *****help.hlp*02[Main menu].
*****c_pr_eru.txt*03[Priest - Eru]
- *****tome_faq.txt*10[Essences]
*****explore.hlp*02[Exploring menu]
@@ -424,8 +418,6 @@ Don't forget you can browse the help from the *****help.hlp*02[Main menu].
*****m_air.txt*03[Air - Spell Info]
- *****skills.txt*49[Alchemy]
- *****c_alchem.txt*05[Alchemy - Alchemy powers]
*****c_unbel.txt*05[Antimagic powers]
@@ -509,7 +501,6 @@ Don't forget you can browse the help from the *****help.hlp*02[Main menu].
- *****essences.txt*01[Essences]
*****inscrip.txt*02[Floor Inscriptions]
*****spoil_faq.txt*20[God Quest - directions]
diff --git a/lib/help/magic.txt b/lib/help/magic.txt
index 93486f0b..14fa6570 100644
--- a/lib/help/magic.txt
+++ b/lib/help/magic.txt
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ schools:
Other magical skills, generally being used primarily by characters of a
specific class, are:
*****m_demono.txt*0[Demonology] *****m_necrom.txt*0[Necromancy] *****skills.txt*36[Runecraft]
- *****m_thaum.txt*0[Thaumaturgy] *****skills.txt*49[Alchemy] *****m_geoman.txt*0[Geomancy]
+ *****m_thaum.txt*0[Thaumaturgy] *****m_geoman.txt*0[Geomancy]
The *****m_demono.txt*0[Demonology] skill is primarily used by *****c_demono.txt*0[Demonologists] for their special
spells, whereas the *****m_necrom.txt*0[Necromancy] skill is used by *****c_necro.txt*0[Necromancers] for their own set
@@ -32,8 +32,7 @@ of special spells.
The same goes for *****skills.txt*36[Runecraft], which is used by *****c_runecr.txt*0[Runecrafters] to allow use of more
difficult runes or rune-combinations. *****m_thaum.txt*0[Thaumaturgy] gives you randomly chosen
attack spells, and as such each game with it will be different. *****c_geoman.txt*0[Geomancers]
-harness the powers of the elements using *****m_geoman.txt*0[Geomancy]. Lastly we have
-*****skills.txt*49[Alchemy], which is used by *****c_alchem.txt*0[Alchemists].
+harness the powers of the elements using *****m_geoman.txt*0[Geomancy].
In addition to the schools of magic, you can get access to special sets of
spells if you worship a God. There are currently four good Gods,
diff --git a/lib/help/skills.txt b/lib/help/skills.txt
index c4a02c06..fe68da6e 100644
--- a/lib/help/skills.txt
+++ b/lib/help/skills.txt
@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ on what each skill does, try [[[[[g
for some third party help!
The skills are:
- *****skills.txt*27[Air] *****skills.txt*49[Alchemy] *****skills.txt*50[Antimagic] *****skills.txt*08[Archery]
+ *****skills.txt*27[Air] *****skills.txt*50[Antimagic] *****skills.txt*08[Archery]
*****skills.txt*05[Axe-mastery] *****skills.txt*18[Backstab] *****skills.txt*13[Barehand-combat] *****skills.txt*61[Bearform-combat]
*****skills.txt*12[Boomerang-mastery] *****skills.txt*58[Boulder-throwing] *****skills.txt*10[Bow-mastery] *****skills.txt*01[Combat]
*****skills.txt*30[Conveyance] *****skills.txt*44[Corpse-preservation]*****skills.txt*04[Critical-hits] *****skills.txt*11[Crossbow-mastery]
@@ -311,7 +311,7 @@ ability.
Sub-skills include: Magic-device, Spell-power, Sorcery, Mana, Fire, Water, Air,
Earth, Meta, Conveyance, Divination, Temporal, Mind, Nature, Udun, Demonology,
-Necromancy, Runecraft, Thaumaturgy, and Alchemy.
+Necromancy, Runecraft, and Thaumaturgy.
This skill is a sub-skill of the Magic skill. It eases the use of magical
@@ -465,13 +465,6 @@ any sort. However, once learned these spells do not gain in levels as the
thaumaturgy skill or the spell-power skills are increased. Spending 1 skill
point on your Thaumaturgy skill adds 0.06 bonus skill points to your Magic
-The Alchemy skill affects your ability to extract and use essences to create
-magical items.
-Investing in the Alchemy skill? You might be interested in the *****ability.txt*09[Artifact Creation]
The spirituality skill influences things which have a "helping hand" from the
diff --git a/lib/help/spoiler.hlp b/lib/help/spoiler.hlp
index bc229852..996c0d32 100644
--- a/lib/help/spoiler.hlp
+++ b/lib/help/spoiler.hlp
@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@ Please choose one of the following online spoiler files:
*****/acorspoil.txt*0[(a) Corruptions]
*****/bdunspoil.txt*0[(b) Dungeons]
- *****/cessences.txt*0[(c) Essence Spoiler]
*****/dinscrip.txt*0[(d) Floor Inscriptions]
*****/eluckspoi.txt*0[(e) Luck]
*****/ffatespoi.txt*0[(f) Fates]
diff --git a/lib/help/tome_faq.txt b/lib/help/tome_faq.txt
index 7ad7a421..171b74d4 100644
--- a/lib/help/tome_faq.txt
+++ b/lib/help/tome_faq.txt
@@ -81,8 +81,7 @@ You can also fill empty bottles at a fountain (enabling you to identify the
potion and hence the type of fountain) by using the 'H' command and answering
'F' at the prompt. The game will then ask you to choose bottles and how many
bottles you want to fill. You can find empty bottles on the dungeon and
-drinking pints of fine ale/wine will give you emtpy bottles; if you are
-trained in Alchemy, you can reuse bottles after quaffing potions as well.
+drinking pints of fine ale/wine will give you emtpy bottles.
#####GQ: I got killed by a Great Wyrm of Power at 50'!!! What happened?
@@ -102,13 +101,10 @@ activation can be something very nasty....
To activate it, use the normal Activation command, but when prompted for which
item to activate change to the backpack instead of wielded equipment.
-#####GQ: I keep coming across "essences" and "runes". What are they?
+#####GQ: I keep coming across "runes". What are they?
-Essences are the *****c_alchem.txt*0[Alchemist's] friend, and you can only use them if you
-have access to the *****skills.txt*49[Alchemy] skill.
Runes are used to cast and store spells of varying types. *****c_runecr.txt*0[Runecrafters] are the
class who are most proficient at using these. You can only use them if you
have access to the *****skills.txt*36[Runecrafting] skill.