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@@ -498,12 +498,7 @@ for a quantity will convert any "letters" into the maximal legal value.
each corresponding to a different location on the body, and each of
which may contain only a single object at a time, and each of which
may only contain objects of the proper "type".
- If the option "show_labels" is set, the slots are labelled as follows:
- Wielding (weapon), Shooting (missile launcher or instruments),
- On finger (ring), Around neck (amulet), Light source (light source),
- On body (armor), About body (cloak), On arm (shield), On head (helmet),
- On hands (gloves), On feet (boots), Carrying (symbiote), Quiver (ammo),
- Using (tool). You must be using an object to receive any of its special
+ You must be using an object to receive any of its special
[[[[[GDrop an item (d)]
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@@ -975,10 +975,6 @@ These are accessible through the (=) Set options command.
*****option.txt*2[(hilite_player)] -- causes the player's symbol to be drawn with the
"cursor" on it. It will be drawn with the same color as the character.
-*****option.txt*3[(player_symbols)] -- for graphics mode only, and only works when option
-(use_graphics) is also on. This apparently varies the player graphic
-and its color based on class, race, and sex.
#####G4.18 Recharging a rod using a Recharge Item spell
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@@ -285,12 +285,6 @@ off at will during the course of the game.
Allow monsters to make paths to the player when they are nearby. This
option is extremely slow, but can produce viciously smart monsters.
-#####GUse special symbols for the player char [player_symbols]
- If this option has been compiled in, it allows you to display your
- character using race / class / sex dependent colours and graphical
- symbols. Note that the support for this option may not have been
- compiled in on all platforms.
#####GMonsters learn from their mistakes [smart_learn]
Allow monsters to learn what spell attacks you are resistant to,
and to use this information to choose the best attacks.