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Remove last remnants of the Merchant class
- Merchant's guild removed, it was unusable anyway - Removed "loan" code - Removed PWR_MERCHANT code
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-#####R=== Merchants ===
-A Merchant is neither a warrior nor a spellcaster. They still have some great
-advantages, they can use chests to warp items into other items, they can
-indentify items, they soon learn to detect all objects in the area, and
-at higher level they can see all monsters carrying objects. They will also
-get the power to appraise items and to turn them into gold. A merchant will
-naturraly get better prices in shops and get access to the merchant guild
-services, loan and item request.
-#####GPrimary Stats
-Intelligence (Ability stat)
-#####GMagic Usage
-Merchants can use portable holes to carry more stuff than other classes but
-at the cost of an increased weight. To do that they must wear a portable hole
-and use it with 'm'.
-They also can use their merchants abilities and midas touch in the 'U' menu.
-#####GStarting Equipment
-A merchant begins the game with:
- A portable hole
- A small steel chest containing gold and items
- A long sword
- A wand of tame monsters