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Remove unused chaos patron code
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diff --git a/lib/mods/theme/help/debug.txt b/lib/mods/theme/help/debug.txt
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--- a/lib/mods/theme/help/debug.txt
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@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ will not be scored if you use debug commands.
*****debug.txt*29[o Edit object attributes] O (unused)
*****debug.txt*31[p Phase door] *****debug.txt*32[P Panic save]
*****debug.txt*33[q Get a quest] Q (unused)
- *****debug.txt*35[r Gain reward] *****debug.txt*36[R Create a trap]
+ r (unused) *****debug.txt*36[R Create a trap]
*****debug.txt*37[s Summon monster] *****debug.txt*38[S Change the feature of the map]
*****debug.txt*39[t Teleport] *****debug.txt*40[T Teleport to a town]
*****debug.txt*41[u Complete map] *****debug.txt*42[U Become undead]