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Remove the stupid_monsters option
It's always considered FALSE from now on.
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@@ -344,17 +344,6 @@ off at will during the course of the game.
first having to observe such an attack upon you, and to use this
information to choose the best attacks.
-#####GMonsters behave stupidly [stupid_monsters]
- ToME incorporates Keldon Jones' improved monster Artificial
- Intelligence patch. While this patch most certainly makes monsters
- behave more realistically, they will also be more deadly with the
- improved AI. If you are a sissy, set this option to get the old,
- really stupid monster AI.
- Note that the new AI is a bit processing power expensive. If you have
- an old computer (386sx) and ToME is running too slowly, you could
- try turning stupid_monsters on. Or dumpster-dive for a Pentium so you can
- run ToME. :-)
#####GAllow unusually small dungeon levels [small_levels]
This option enables the creation of levels of varying sizes. Levels
that are as small as one "screen" (80x24) are possible, and they can be
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@@ -164,9 +164,6 @@ X:smart_learn
# Option 'Monsters exploit players weaknesses'
-# Option 'Monsters behave stupidly'
# Option 'Allow unusually small dungeon levels'