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Lua: Move "game start" help to C
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@@ -30,28 +30,6 @@ ingame_help
- ["hook"] = HOOK_END_TURN,
- ["event"] = function(y, x) return TRUE end,
- ["desc"] =
- {
- "Welcome to ToME! I am the spirit of knowledge and my task is to help you",
- "to get used to how to play. I have prepared a #vparchment#y for you to #vread#y.",
- "Press r, then space then select it. You can also check the documentation",
- "by pressing ? at (nearly) any time.",
- "The first place you can explore is Barrow-downs. Go to the west of town",
- "and you should see a #v>#y there.",
- "If you miss any of this you can press ctrl+p to see your message log.",
- "Now I must reveal your task here. You are on a quest to investigate",
- "the dreadful tower of Dol Guldur in the Mirkwood forest to see what evil",
- "lurks there, but beware, you are not yet ready.",
- "If you do not want me to bother you any more with tips, press = then go",
- "into the ToME options and deactivate the ingame_help option.",
- "You can see your quest log by pressing ctrl+q. Now go to your destiny!",
- }
["no_test"] = TRUE,
["callback"] = "select_context",
["fct"] = function(typ, name)