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Files: Remove panic saves.
It is NOT a good idea to save the game when memory may already be corrupted.
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@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ will not be scored if you use debug commands.
*****debug.txt*25[m Magic Mapping] *****debug.txt*26[M Gain corruption]
*****debug.txt*27[n Summon named monster] *****debug.txt*28[N Summon _friendly_ named monster]
*****debug.txt*29[o Edit object attributes] O (unused)
- *****debug.txt*31[p Phase door] *****debug.txt*32[P Panic save]
+ *****debug.txt*31[p Phase door] P (unused)
*****debug.txt*33[q Get a quest] Q (unused)
*****debug.txt*35[r Gain reward] *****debug.txt*36[R Create a trap]
*****debug.txt*37[s Summon monster] *****debug.txt*38[S Change the feature of the map]
@@ -175,9 +175,6 @@ maximal legal value.
[[[[[GPhase door (p)]
Like a Scroll of Phase Door.
-[[[[[GPanic save (P)]
- Save and quit the game, which is the same as doing a ^X.
[[[[[GGet a quest (q)]
Get a quest.
diff --git a/lib/help/tome_faq.txt b/lib/help/tome_faq.txt
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--- a/lib/help/tome_faq.txt
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@@ -164,14 +164,6 @@ corrected it.
A: Void jumpgates are not automatic. You must press '>' while standing
on one to activate it.
-#####GQ: When it panic saves it reloads an old savefile !!
-A: Now the panic saves use a different file to save,
-This file will be loaded first, if present, when the game is started.
-If it loads successfully, save the game immediately. Otherwise, delete
-the panic save, and your old (non-panic) savefile should be safe.
~~~~~08|Monsters|They are talking to me!
#####GQ: Farmer Maggot / Melinda Proudfoot keep shouting at me, and I cannot