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Move function declarations to separate header file
Make a few of functions static, remove dead code and fix a few stray declarations while we're at it.
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+#pragma once
+#include "angband.h"
+extern bool_ is_magestaff(void);
+extern void do_cmd_browse_aux(object_type *o_ptr);
+extern void do_cmd_browse(void);
+extern void fetch(int dir, int wgt, bool_ require_los);
+extern void do_poly_self(void);
+extern cptr symbiote_name(bool_ capitalize);
+extern int use_symbiotic_power(int r_idx, bool_ great, bool_ only_number, bool_ no_cost);
+extern bool_ is_ok_spell(s32b spell_idx, object_type *o_ptr);
+extern s32b get_school_spell(cptr do_what, s16b force_book);
+extern void do_cmd_copy_spell(void);
+extern void cast_school_spell(void);