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authorBardur Arantsson <>2015-02-23 09:12:00 +0100
committerBardur Arantsson <>2015-02-23 09:12:00 +0100
commit4a7bde2b7fcfe8cbd70ed1a2f2ddc9445022b86b (patch)
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Make a few functions module-static and remove dead code
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diff --git a/src/externs.h b/src/externs.h
index 6241bef2..17ab2869 100644
--- a/src/externs.h
+++ b/src/externs.h
@@ -709,7 +709,6 @@ extern cptr describe_player_location(void);
extern errr file_character(cptr name, bool_ full);
extern errr process_pref_file_aux(char *buf);
extern errr process_pref_file(cptr name);
-extern void read_times(void);
extern bool_ txt_to_html(cptr head, cptr food, cptr base, cptr ext, bool_ force, bool_ recur);
extern bool_ show_file(cptr name, cptr what, int line, int mode);
extern void do_cmd_help(void);
@@ -719,14 +718,10 @@ extern void get_name(void);
extern void do_cmd_suicide(void);
extern void do_cmd_save_game(void);
extern void autosave_checkpoint();
-extern long total_points(void);
-extern void display_scores(int from, int to);
-extern errr predict_score(void);
extern void predict_score_gui(bool_ *initialized, bool_ *game_in_progress);
extern void close_game(void);
extern errr get_rnd_line(const char * file_name, char * output);
extern char *get_line(const char* fname, cptr fdir, char *linbuf, int line);
-extern void do_cmd_knowledge_corruptions(void);
extern void race_legends(void);
extern void show_highclass(int building);
extern errr get_xtra_line(const char * file_name, monster_type *m_ptr, char * output);