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Split declarations to separate header
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diff --git a/src/externs.h b/src/externs.h
index fc336de6..4b7e09f0 100644
--- a/src/externs.h
+++ b/src/externs.h
@@ -581,11 +581,6 @@ extern void process_monsters(void);
extern void curse_equipment(int chance, int heavy_chance);
extern void curse_equipment_dg(int chance, int heavy_chance);
-/* monster1.c */
-extern void screen_roff(int r_idx, int ego, int remember);
-extern void display_roff(int r_idx, int ego);
-extern void monster_description_out(int r_idx, int ego);
/* monster2.c */
extern s32b monster_exp(s16b level);
extern void monster_set_level(int m_idx, int level);