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+#pragma once
+#include "angband.h"
+extern bool_ new_player_spot(int branch);
+extern void add_level_generator(cptr name, bool_ (*generator)(), bool_ stairs, bool_ monsters, bool_ objects, bool_ miscs);
+extern bool_ level_generate_dungeon();
+extern bool_ generate_fracave(int y0, int x0,int xsize,int ysize,int cutoff,bool_ light,bool_ room);
+extern void generate_hmap(int y0, int x0,int xsiz,int ysiz,int grd,int roug,int cutoff);
+extern bool_ room_alloc(int x,int y,bool_ crowded,int by0,int bx0,int *xx,int *yy);
+extern void generate_cave(void);
+extern void build_rectangle(int y1, int x1, int y2, int x2, int feat, int info);