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Split option variables into separate header and source file
Remove unused testing_stack testing_carry options while we're at it.
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+#pragma once
+#include "h-basic.h"
+// Option Set 1 -- User Interface.
+extern bool_ rogue_like_commands;
+extern bool_ quick_messages;
+extern bool_ carry_query_flag;
+extern bool_ use_old_target;
+extern bool_ always_pickup;
+extern bool_ prompt_pickup_heavy;
+extern bool_ always_repeat;
+extern bool_ ring_bell;
+// Option Set 2 -- Disturbance
+extern bool_ find_ignore_stairs;
+extern bool_ find_ignore_doors;
+extern bool_ find_cut;
+extern bool_ find_examine;
+extern bool_ disturb_move;
+extern bool_ disturb_near;
+extern bool_ disturb_panel;
+extern bool_ disturb_detect;
+extern bool_ disturb_state;
+extern bool_ disturb_minor;
+extern bool_ disturb_other;
+extern bool_ alert_hitpoint;
+extern bool_ alert_failure;
+extern bool_ last_words;
+extern bool_ small_levels;
+extern bool_ empty_levels;
+extern bool_ always_small_level;
+extern bool_ confirm_stairs;
+extern bool_ wear_confirm;
+extern bool_ disturb_pets;
+// Option Set 3 -- Game-Play
+extern bool_ auto_scum;
+extern bool_ expand_look;
+extern bool_ expand_list;
+extern bool_ view_perma_grids;
+extern bool_ view_torch_grids;
+extern bool_ dungeon_align;
+extern bool_ dungeon_stair;
+extern bool_ flow_by_sound;
+extern bool_ smart_learn;
+// Option Set 4 -- Efficiency
+extern bool_ view_reduce_lite;
+extern bool_ avoid_abort;
+extern bool_ avoid_shimmer;
+extern bool_ avoid_other;
+extern bool_ flush_failure;
+extern bool_ flush_disturb;
+extern bool_ flush_command;
+extern bool_ fresh_before;
+extern bool_ fresh_after;
+extern bool_ fresh_message;
+extern bool_ hilite_player;
+extern bool_ view_yellow_lite;
+extern bool_ view_bright_lite;
+extern bool_ view_granite_lite;
+extern bool_ view_special_lite;