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authorBardur Arantsson <>2015-12-11 08:09:30 +0100
committerBardur Arantsson <>2015-12-11 08:09:30 +0100
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Remove Alchemist class and associated skills/code
Alchemy has always been ridiculously broken and there's been a huge amount of horrible code to support it. Sorry to any fans of Alchemy, but it's got to go.
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diff --git a/src/variable.hpp b/src/variable.hpp
index 74c74f77..c09e41c0 100644
--- a/src/variable.hpp
+++ b/src/variable.hpp
@@ -2,9 +2,7 @@
#include "angband.h"
#include "ability_type_fwd.hpp"
-#include "alchemist_recipe_fwd.hpp"
#include "alloc_entry_fwd.hpp"
-#include "artifact_select_flag_fwd.hpp"
#include "artifact_type_fwd.hpp"
#include "birther.hpp"
#include "cave_type_fwd.hpp"
@@ -191,12 +189,7 @@ extern player_race *rp_ptr;
extern player_race_mod *rmp_ptr;
extern player_class *cp_ptr;
extern player_spec *spp_ptr;
-extern u32b alchemist_known_egos[32];
-extern alchemist_recipe *alchemist_recipes;
-extern u32b alchemist_known_artifacts[6];
-extern u32b alchemist_gained;
extern s16b player_hp[PY_MAX_LEVEL];
-extern artifact_select_flag *a_select_flags;
extern ability_type *ab_info;
extern skill_type *s_info;
extern vault_type *v_info;
@@ -234,7 +227,6 @@ extern wilderness_map **wild_map;
extern u16b old_max_s_idx;
extern u16b max_ab_idx;
extern u16b max_s_idx;
-extern u16b max_al_idx;
extern u16b max_r_idx;
extern u16b max_re_idx;
extern u16b max_k_idx;