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@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ will not be scored if you use debug commands.
[ (unused) ^M (unused)
] (unused) ^N (unused)
*****debug.txt*67[- Create object] ^O (unused)
- *****debug.txt*69[_ The path to the god dark] ^P (unused)
+ ^P (unused)
*****debug.txt*71[+ Gain a fate] ^Q (unused)
*****debug.txt*73[= Align monster] ^R (unused)
; (unused) ^S (unused)
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ will not be scored if you use debug commands.
, (unused) ^W (unused)
< (unused) ^X (unused)
. (unused) ^Y (unused)
- *****debug.txt*81[> Lua script] ^Z (unused)
+ ^Z (unused)
\ (unused) | (unused)
` (unused) ~ (unused)
*****debug.txt*91[/ Summon monster] *****debug.txt*92[? Help]
@@ -239,10 +239,6 @@ maximal legal value.
[[[[[GCreate object (-)]
Allows you to create a new object where you stand. You must
specify an object number from k_info.txt.
-[[[[[GThe path to the god dark (_)]
- Do not use this as it is used by DarkGod as a test for Lua
- and will CRASH the game. You have been warned.
[[[[[GGain a fate (+)]
Unearth more of your prophecy.
@@ -256,9 +252,6 @@ maximal legal value.
3 monster becomes pet
4 monster becomes companion
You then point at an enemy and press space.
-[[[[[GLua script (>)]
- Allows you to run a Lua script.
[[[[[GSummon monster (/)]
Summons a random monster next to you.