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Other magical skills, generally being used primarily by characters of a
specific class, are:
- *****m_demono.txt*0[Demonology] *****m_necrom.txt*0[Necromancy] *****skills.txt*36[Runecraft]
- *****m_thaum.txt*0[Thaumaturgy] *****skills.txt*49[Alchemy] *****m_geoman.txt*0[Geomancy]
+ *****m_demono.txt*0[Demonology] *****m_necrom.txt*0[Necromancy]
+ *****m_thaum.txt*0[Thaumaturgy] *****m_geoman.txt*0[Geomancy]
The *****m_demono.txt*0[Demonology] skill is primarily used by *****c_demono.txt*0[Demonologists] for their special
spells, whereas the *****m_necrom.txt*0[Necromancy] skill is used by *****c_necro.txt*0[Necromancers] for their own set
of special spells.
-The same goes for *****skills.txt*36[Runecraft], which is used by *****c_runecr.txt*0[Runecrafters] to allow use of more
-difficult runes or rune-combinations. *****m_thaum.txt*0[Thaumaturgy] gives you randomly chosen
+*****m_thaum.txt*0[Thaumaturgy] gives you randomly chosen
attack spells, and as such each game with it will be different. *****c_geoman.txt*0[Geomancers]
-harness the powers of the elements using *****m_geoman.txt*0[Geomancy]. Lastly we have
-*****skills.txt*49[Alchemy], which is used by *****c_alchem.txt*0[Alchemists].
+harness the powers of the elements using *****m_geoman.txt*0[Geomancy].
In addition to the schools of magic, you can get access to special sets of
spells if you worship a God. There are currently four good Gods,