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@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ on what each skill does, try [[[[[g
for some third party help!
The skills are:
- *****skills.txt*27[Air] *****skills.txt*49[Alchemy] *****skills.txt*50[Antimagic] *****skills.txt*08[Archery]
+ *****skills.txt*27[Air] *****skills.txt*50[Antimagic] *****skills.txt*08[Archery]
*****skills.txt*05[Axe-mastery] *****skills.txt*18[Backstab] *****skills.txt*13[Barehand-combat] *****skills.txt*61[Bearform-combat]
*****skills.txt*12[Boomerang-mastery] *****skills.txt*58[Boulder-throwing] *****skills.txt*10[Bow-mastery] *****skills.txt*01[Combat]
*****skills.txt*30[Conveyance] *****skills.txt*44[Corpse-preservation]*****skills.txt*04[Critical-hits] *****skills.txt*11[Crossbow-mastery]
@@ -311,7 +311,7 @@ ability.
Sub-skills include: Magic-device, Spell-power, Sorcery, Mana, Fire, Water, Air,
Earth, Meta, Conveyance, Divination, Temporal, Mind, Nature, Udun, Demonology,
-Necromancy, Runecraft, Thaumaturgy, and Alchemy.
+Necromancy, Runecraft, and Thaumaturgy.
This skill is a sub-skill of the Magic skill. It eases the use of magical
@@ -465,13 +465,6 @@ any sort. However, once learned these spells do not gain in levels as the
thaumaturgy skill or the spell-power skills are increased. Spending 1 skill
point on your Thaumaturgy skill adds 0.06 bonus skill points to your Magic
-The Alchemy skill affects your ability to extract and use essences to create
-magical items.
-Investing in the Alchemy skill? You might be interested in the *****ability.txt*09[Artifact Creation]
The spirituality skill influences things which have a "helping hand" from the