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-# File: xtra-new.prf
-# This file defines special attr/char mappings for use in "graphics" mode
-# Edited for use with Adam Bolt's new graphics by Robert Ruehlmann < >
-# See "lib/help/command.txt" and "src/files.c" for more information.
-##### AK 20011216 Default pictures for all races that
-# are not handled below, without caring for class
-?:[EQU $RACE Human]
-?:[EQU $RACE Half-Elf]
-?:[EQU $RACE Elf]
-?:[EQU $RACE Hobbit]
-?:[EQU $RACE Gnome]
-?:[EQU $RACE Dwarf]
-?:[EQU $RACE Orc]
-?:[EQU $RACE Troll]
-?:[EQU $RACE Dunadan]
-?:[EQU $RACE High-Elf]
-?:[EQU $RACE Half-Ogre]
-?:[EQU $RACE Beorning]
-?:[EQU $RACE Druadan]
-?:[EQU $RACE Petty-Dwarf]
-?:[EQU $RACE Dark-Elf]
-?:[EQU $RACE Ent]
-?:[EQU $RACE RohanKnight]
-?:[EQU $RACE Eagle]
-?:[EQU $RACE Dragon]
-?:[EQU $RACE Yeek]
-?:[EQU $RACE Wood-Elf]
-?:[EQU $RACE Maia]
-?:[EQU $RACE Easterling]
-?:[EQU $RACE Demon]
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