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@@ -467,11 +467,6 @@ Features which are unique to ToME are collected in this menu.
for new players. More experienced players may wish to switch this option
-#####GShow the experience needed for the next level [exp_need]
- Setting this option alters the display of experience on the left of
- the main screen to the experience needed to reach the next character level,
- instead of the character's current total experience.
#####GUse the old(Z) coloring scheme(reload the game) [old_colors]
Setting this option toggles the ASCII game colour display from the
standard Angband monster colours to the Zangband-based monster colours.
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@@ -215,9 +215,6 @@ X:center_player
# Option 'Ingame contextual help'
-# Option 'Show the experience needed for next level'
# Option 'Use the old(Z) coloring scheme(reload the game)'