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discounts. The resulting stack keeps the largest discount. This option
may cause you to lose "value", but will give you optimal pack usage.
-#####GShow labels in object lists [show_labels]
- Display the "labels" for objects in the equipment list, and in any
- special window which is displaying the equipment. These labels
- indicate what the player is using the object for, such as "wielding"
- or "wearing" (in a given location). After you have played for a while,
- this information is no longer useful, and can be annoying.
- Note that in ToME this option no longer controls the "plain
- flavoured object descriptions": a separate option for them has been added
- under "ToME Options".
#####GShow graphics in inventory list [show_inven_graph]
Display the graphics of objects in the inventory list, and in any special
window which is displaying the inventory list.