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* Remove monster memoryBardur Arantsson2016-06-20
| | | | | Instead of having monster memory, the player automatically knows everything about all monsters from the start.
* Reformat flags in *.txt files to be more tool-friendlyBardur Arantsson2016-03-27
| | | | | | This means we have a *lot* of added lines, but on the upside it's much simpler to use simple text-based tools and we get rid of a lot of purely boilerplate code
* Remove stray FIXMEsBardur Arantsson2016-02-13
* Remove useless V: lines from data filesBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove Alchemist class and associated skills/codeBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
| | | | | | Alchemy has always been ridiculously broken and there's been a huge amount of horrible code to support it. Sorry to any fans of Alchemy, but it's got to go.
* Remove "HARDCORE=" and "SPELL=" handling for txt filesBardur Arantsson2015-02-23
| | | | | We no longer need the distinction between HARDCORE= and SPELL= any longer, so just get rid of the prefix.
* Change "activation spells" to use the old styleBardur Arantsson2015-02-23
| | | | | | | | This fits in better with the rest of the code and lets us clean up the spell handling a bit. Activation failure rate for the moved items may have changed slightly, but it doesn't seem like this would be much of an issue.
* Fix typos in text. Fixes taken from Theme 1.2.0.Bardur Arantsson2010-01-17
* Import tome-2.3.5.Bardur Arantsson2010-01-08