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* Remove unused BASEANGBAND flagBardur Arantsson2017-06-13
* Remove ZANGBAND and CTHANGBAND monstersBardur Arantsson2017-06-13
* Remove trapsBardur Arantsson2016-10-05
* Remove WILD_SWAMP which was never implementedBardur Arantsson2016-06-20
* Remove ANIM_DEAD monster spellBardur Arantsson2016-06-20
* Move "drops artifact N at %chance" to edit r_infoBardur Arantsson2016-03-27
* Reformat flags in *.txt files to be more tool-friendlyBardur Arantsson2016-03-27
* Fix typos in r_info.txtBardur Arantsson2016-03-27
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* Import tome-2.3.5.Bardur Arantsson2010-01-08