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* Remove last remnants of the Merchant classBardur Arantsson2015-02-23
* Remove unused classes from p_info.txtBardur Arantsson2015-02-23
* Remove "HARDCORE=" and "SPELL=" handling for txt filesBardur Arantsson2015-02-23
* Change "activation spells" to use the old styleBardur Arantsson2015-02-23
* Remove unused HOOK_LEARN_ABILITYBardur Arantsson2014-12-23
* Remove 'auto_haggle' optionBardur Arantsson2013-08-08
* Refactor: Externalize all the mapsBardur Arantsson2012-04-02
* Import typo fixes from Theme 1.2.0Bardur Arantsson2010-01-17
* Renumber "molten glass wall" feature to hopefully avoid clashes with modules.Bardur Arantsson2010-01-17
* Fix typos in text. Fixes taken from Theme 1.2.0.Bardur Arantsson2010-01-17
* Import fix from CVS: Fix up stairs in HoE, Mount Doom, Nether Realm and the S...Bardur Arantsson2010-01-08
* Import fix from CVS: Properly mark quest monsters as such.Bardur Arantsson2010-01-08
* Import fix from CVS: Don't generate impassable glass walls.Bardur Arantsson2010-01-08
* Import tome-2.3.5.Bardur Arantsson2010-01-08