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* Switch almost everything over to C++Bardur Arantsson2013-09-27
* Fix format strings to avoid castsBardur Arantsson2013-09-27
* Const correctnessBardur Arantsson2013-09-27
* Split hooks into separate headerBardur Arantsson2013-09-27
* Rework paralysis to avoid insta-deathBardur Arantsson2013-08-08
* Show list of Mindcrafter powers automatically on Mindcrafting menuBardur Arantsson2013-08-08
* Quarks: Move subsystem to separate compilation unitBardur Arantsson2012-06-26
* Show rune spells immediately when usingBardur Arantsson2012-06-26
* Show Thaumaturgy spells immediately when castingBardur Arantsson2012-06-26
* Lua: Moved mimicry to CBardur Arantsson2012-04-07
* Remove unused parameter from scatter() function.Bardur Arantsson2012-03-29
* Thaumaturgy: reduce spell fail ratesmiramor2012-03-29
* Refactor: Remove duplicate code for "clamping" spell failure chance.Bardur Arantsson2012-03-29
* Refactor: Remove duplicate code for accessing inventory/floor objectBardur Arantsson2012-03-29
* Refactor: Remove duplicate code for reducing item stacksBardur Arantsson2012-03-29
* Refactor: Remove unused/dead variables.Bardur Arantsson2012-03-29
* Remove redefinition of "bool" for C++ friendliness.Bardur Arantsson2011-02-20
* ALLOW_{EASY_OPEN,EASY_DISARM,REPEAT} code is no longer conditional.Bardur Arantsson2011-02-19
* Remove dead (#if 0) code.Bardur Arantsson2011-02-19
* Mindcraft: Adrenaline Channeling speed boost varies according to skill level.Bardur Arantsson2010-12-10
* Mindcraft: Character Armor now gives AC dependent on skill level.Bardur Arantsson2010-12-10
* Mindcraft: Psycometry is normal ID regardless of level.Bardur Arantsson2010-12-10
* Fix duration display for Shapeshift mimicry power. Thanks to morchant for the...Bardur Arantsson2010-05-04
* Import Killerbunnies patch: Trying to activate Piercing Shots now displays a ...Bardur Arantsson2010-01-12
* Fixes for 64 bit compatibility.Bardur Arantsson2010-01-10
* Import tome-2.3.5.Bardur Arantsson2010-01-08