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* Fix Automatizer display bugBardur Arantsson2017-09-07
* Change Rule::{get_set,}name methods to use std::stringBardur Arantsson2017-05-02
* Switch Automatizer over to using jsonconsBardur Arantsson2016-10-05
* Split types.h into separate header for each typeBardur Arantsson2015-06-07
* Split function declarations into separate header filesBardur Arantsson2015-02-23
* Fix problem with pseudo-ID not kicking in on inventoryBardur Arantsson2015-02-23
* Clean up warnings about signed/unsigned comparisonsBardur Arantsson2015-02-23
* C++: Move Automatizer to C++Bardur Arantsson2013-09-27