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* Add std::string overload for cmsg_print()Bardur Arantsson2017-06-13
* Remove redundant (void) parameters and return value castsBardur Arantsson2017-05-02
* Remove redundant "extern" on function declarationsBardur Arantsson2017-05-02
* Add std::string overloads of c_put_str() and put_str()Bardur Arantsson2017-05-02
* Change Rule::{get_set,}name methods to use std::stringBardur Arantsson2017-05-02
* Refactor lua_{msg,input}_box and renameBardur Arantsson2017-05-02
* Move player_{name,base} to GameBardur Arantsson2017-05-02
* Move ow_info and ba_info into GameEditDataBardur Arantsson2016-10-05
* Refactor to use boost::circular_bufferBardur Arantsson2016-09-17
* Factor out 'flush_failure' option handlingBardur Arantsson2016-09-17
* Introduce std::string overloads for prt() and c_prt()Bardur Arantsson2016-09-17
* Remove effectively dead sound() codeBardur Arantsson2016-09-17
* Remove path_temp in favor of boost::fs::unique_path()Bardur Arantsson2016-02-05
* Build: Produce multiple independent executablesBardur Arantsson2016-02-05
* Make get_player_race_name() return a std::stringBardur Arantsson2016-02-05
* Make get_day() return std::stringBardur Arantsson2016-02-05
* Remove get_month_name()Bardur Arantsson2015-12-28
* Reduce scope of askfor_aux_complete variable to single fileBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove one-use my_fputs()Bardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Split types.h into separate header for each typeBardur Arantsson2015-06-07
* Change in_bounds* and panel_contains macros to functions in util.ccBardur Arantsson2015-03-07
* Split function declarations into separate header filesBardur Arantsson2015-02-23
* Switch almost everything over to C++Bardur Arantsson2013-09-27