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* Add missing static_assertBardur Arantsson2015-12-28
* Remove get_month_name()Bardur Arantsson2015-12-28
* Remove dead codeBardur Arantsson2015-12-28
* Fixed missing includeElmo Todurov2015-12-11
* Remove unused wf_info flag handling codeBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove unused object_kind field "extra"Bardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove useless V: lines from data filesBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Clean up indentationBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove dead codeBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Reduce scope of askfor_aux_complete variable to single fileBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove term::wipe_hookBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove always-FALSE term::always_textBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Inline effectively constant term::{char,attr}_blankBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove always-off term::never_boredBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove unused term::fixed_shapeBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove strfmt()Bardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Migrate z-rand.c to C++Bardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove redundant parameter from Term_load_from()Bardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove ANGBAND_GRAFBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove ANGBAND_KEYBOARDBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove an instance of hardcoded terminal countBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove one-use my_fputs()Bardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Move print_book() to and make it staticBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove redundant assignments to "where" in browse_school_spell()Bardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Update .gitignore for 'src'Bardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove effectively dead code for "pattern walking"Bardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Refactor race_info_idx() to avoid "invisible" static pointersBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* De-duplicate detect_objects_* functionsBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* De-duplicate detect_monsters_* functionsBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Allocate p_ptr dynamicallyBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Remove Alchemist class and associated skills/codeBardur Arantsson2015-12-11
* Fix clang warning; don't explicitly moveBardur Arantsson2015-10-31
* Fix undefined behavior in wizard modeBardur Arantsson2015-10-31
* Merge branch 'cpp'Bardur Arantsson2015-10-27
| * Remove TR4_ANTIMAGIC_{30,20,10} flagsBardur Arantsson2015-09-14
| * Remove alchemist_has_stone()Bardur Arantsson2015-09-14
| * Replace hack_apply_magic_power with optional parameterBardur Arantsson2015-09-14
| * Use magik() instead of explicitly using rand_int()Bardur Arantsson2015-09-14
| * Remove unused IM_MELEE flagBardur Arantsson2015-09-14
| * Fix undefined behavior in dungeon generation codeBardur Arantsson2015-09-14
| * Fix a few warningsBardur Arantsson2015-09-14
| * Refactor cave_type and monster_type to use non-intrusive listsBardur Arantsson2015-08-01
| * Remove dead Portable Hole codeBardur Arantsson2015-06-11
| * Remove dead code in player_activate_trap_type()Bardur Arantsson2015-06-11
| * Remove RLE from do_grid()Bardur Arantsson2015-06-09
| * Fix missing "std::" qualified in make_array()Bardur Arantsson2015-06-09
| * Clean up do_store()Bardur Arantsson2015-06-09
| * Fix typo in message in do_cmd_rune_add_mem()Bardur Arantsson2015-06-09
| * Use compile-to-library trick to reduce compilation timeBardur Arantsson2015-06-08
| * Remove '*' portion of prompt for pet commandBardur Arantsson2015-06-08