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* Make a Debian releaseHEADdebian/2.2.0-1archive/debian/2.2.0-1mastergustavo panizzo4 days
* Use debhelper 13gustavo panizzo8 days
* Standards version 4.5.0 (no changes)gustavo panizzo8 days
* Commit Debian 3.0 (quilt) metadatagustavo panizzo12 days
* new Debian releasegustavo panizzo12 days
* Use the Debian release of the package as the versiongustavo panizzo12 days
* Merge tag 'v2.2.0'gustavo panizzo12 days
| * Release version 2.2.0Vadim Mikhailov2020-05-22
| * Improve getting version from git describeVadim Mikhailov2020-05-22
| * Add Seagate Backup Plus Hub STEL8000100 as supported deviceVadim Mikhailov2020-05-16
| * Update README.mdSarah Foster2020-04-27
| * Update Rasperry Pi 4B USB topology noteVadim Mikhailov2020-04-24
| * Mention testing VBUS off in README before reporting new devicesVadim Mikhailov2020-04-14
| * Move keyboard/mouse warning to usage sectionVadim Mikhailov2020-04-14
| * Add Control USB Lamp With Voice to notable projectsVadim Mikhailov2020-04-14
| * Add LG Electronics 38WK95C-W as supported deviceVadim Mikhailov2020-04-14
| * Add AmazonBasics HUC9002V1ESL as supported deviceVadim Mikhailov2020-04-04
| * Add Raspberry Pi Reboot Router into notable projectsVadim Mikhailov2020-04-04
| * Provide workaround for using uhubctl on MacOS CatalinaVadim Mikhailov2020-03-26
| * Mention udisksctl in READMEVadim Mikhailov2020-02-25
| * Add Bytecc BT-UH340 as compatible deviceVadim Mikhailov2020-02-25
| * Add D-Link DUB-H4 rev E as supported deviceVadim Mikhailov2020-02-17
| * Remove statement about proper per-port switching on RPi3B+Vadim Mikhailov2020-02-17
| * Add a warning and link how to update RPi4B firmware to make power switching workVadim Mikhailov2020-01-28
| * Use in-document anchors to Raspberry Pi usage examplesVadim Mikhailov2020-01-27
| * Refactor Raspberry Pi USB topology table with sub-headersVadim Mikhailov2020-01-27
| * Clarify support for different Raspberry Pi models with example commandsVadim Mikhailov2020-01-21
| * Add Buffalo BSH4A05U3BK as supported deviceVadim Mikhailov2020-01-21
| * Bump copyright yearVadim Mikhailov2020-01-20
| * Add Basler 2000036234 as supported deviceVadim Mikhailov2020-01-20
| * Add AmazonBasics HU9002V1SBL as a Supported DeviceRyan O'Leary2020-01-07
| * Clarify VBUS off requirements for Raspberry Pi 4Vadim Mikhailov2020-01-05
| * Add support for Raspberry Pi 4Vadim Mikhailov2020-01-05
| * Update license hash to correct value, fixing yocto buildingMark Deneen2019-11-18
| * Update Dell U2415 infoVadim Mikhailov2019-11-15
| * Add D-Link DUB-H4 rev B as supported deviceVadim Mikhailov2019-11-12
| * Add Belkin F5U101 as supported deviceVadim Mikhailov2019-11-12
| * Add Dell UltraSharp U2415 as supported deviceVadim Mikhailov2019-11-12
| * Fix compile warning about format truncation by increasing buffer size for des...Karsten Hohmeier2019-11-05
| * Add Juiced Systems 6+1+1 USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Smart Charging Hub (6HUB-01...Vadim Mikhailov2019-11-01
| * Don't complain about USB permission problems if we are already rootVadim Mikhailov2019-10-23
| * Relax level check when looking for USB2/3 dual hubsVadim Mikhailov2019-10-16
| * Remove Coolgear USBG-4U3MLR2 from supported listVadim Mikhailov2019-10-16
| * Remove Plugable USB2-HUB10S from supported listVadim Mikhailov2019-10-08
| * Clarify which revisions of D-Link hubs are workingVadim Mikhailov2019-10-05
| * Update info for Coolgear USBG-4U3MLR2Vadim Mikhailov2019-10-01
| * Add Coolgear USBG-4U3MLR2 as supported deviceVadim Mikhailov2019-09-26
| * Add ThinkPad Ultra Docking Station 40AJ0135EU as supported deviceVadim Mikhailov2019-09-24
| * Apply debian hardening suggestions for LinuxVadim Mikhailov2019-09-20
| * FreeBSD is using bNumDeviceCapabilities instead of bNumDeviceCapsVadim Mikhailov2019-09-20