BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDeclare fast forward from 2.0.5-5Chris Boot17 months
archive/debian/2.0.7-1commit a4ae751b12...Chris Boot17 months
debian/2.0.7-1commit 54fec9368b...Chris Boot17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-07-02Declare fast forward from 2.0.5-5HEADarchive/debian/2.0.7-1masterChris Boot
2018-07-02Correct ulogd(8) paths to /usr/share/doc/ulogd2Debian Netfilter Packaging Team
2018-07-02Update logfile paths to log to /var/log/ulog/*Chris Boot
2018-07-02Enable NFLOG => LOGEMU stack by defaultChris Boot
2018-07-02Tweak log destination and loglevel in ulogd.conf.inChris Boot
2018-07-02Upload 2.0.7-1 to unstabledebian/2.0.7-1Chris Boot
2018-06-23Remove transition aids from prior to current stableChris Boot
2018-06-23d/rules: remove --dbgsym-migration from dh_stripChris Boot
2018-06-23d/rules: explicitly enable all hardening optionsChris Boot
2018-06-23d/ulogd2.logrotate: use systemctl when running under systemdChris Boot