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+/* -*- mode: C++ ; c-file-style: "stroustrup" -*- **/
+ This file contains NO source code, just some documentation for doxygen to
+ parse.
+ \mainpage Copy engine 0.3
+ \section mainpage_overview Overview
+ The rsync copy engine for Ultracopier 0.3. Support file/folder, copy/move, ...\n
+ Thanks to this engine, Ultracopier is transformed into GUI + rsync.
+ More informations on <a href="">the wiki of ultracopier</a>. Is part of Ultracopier 0.3 project.
+ \section mainpage_platforms Platforms
+ This plugin might be usable in all environments where you find Qt 4, but Gcc is requiered for some part.\n
+ This plugin requires Qt 4.5.x or newer. Tested on Qt 4.7. Due to optimization Qt 4.8 usage will be better.\n
+ To be compatible with the official Ultracopier plugins, you need compil it with Gcc, Qt4.8, and same env as Ultracopier have been compiled, see the documentation.
+ \section mainpage_downloads Downloads
+ You can found link on <a href="">Ultracopier (Supercopier/Teracopy)</a> project page, via git, snapshot sources, ...
+ \section mainpage_algorithm Algorithm
+ Like say previously you will have more informations on the wiki.\n
+ Then file transfer is done via pipe mecamism system:\n
+ <ul>
+ <li>push at no blocking into table up to the table is full, after is blocked up to one entry is free</li>
+ <li>Other thread read the table up to have no more data, then is blocked</li>
+ </ul>
+ The transfer thread do listing of the folder, removing folder, make folder is one thread for each.\n
+ The transfer list, have thread pool to do the inode operation (open, close, set date, ...). Do all inode operation in parallele, but transfer the data as sequential.
+ \section license GPL Version 3
+ The code source is under GPL3. The image is extacted from Oxygen icon pack of KDE4.