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\section mainpage_downloads Downloads
- You can found link on <a href="">Ultracopier (Supercopier/Teracopy)</a> project page, via git, snapshot sources, ...
+ You can find the link on <a href="">Ultracopier</a> project page, via git, snapshot sources, ...
\section license GPL Version 3
The code source is under GPL3. The image is extacted from Oxygen icon pack of KDE4.
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<description xml:lang="en"><![CDATA[Teracopy style for Ultracopier, reproduct with screenshot on internet]]></description>
<description xml:lang="fr"><![CDATA[Style Teracopy pour Ultracopier, reproduit avec les screenshots vu sur internet]]></description>
<!-- Version of this release of this plugin, need be like that's: A.B.C.D, where A, B, C and D is number -->
- <version></version>
+ <version></version>
<!-- This internal name should never change, because it is used to detect when a particular plugin is updated. It must comprise only lower case ASCII characters (a-z), numerical digits (0-9), "-", "." or "_", and it must be be unique within the category. And have size lower than 64 char. -->
<!-- Dependency checking. This is used to check when a plugin may not be compatible with an updated version of either Ultracopier or another plugin. This example only checks Ultracopier. -->