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masterorphanedJoey Hess6 years
debian/2.43commit 4634903030...Joey Hess6 years
debian/2.42commit e9a11d7cc3...Joey Hess6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-05-27orphanedHEADdebian/2.43masterJoey Hess
2013-12-17Added -i to display as icon. Thanks, Tovar Closes: #732398Joey Hess
2013-12-05prep releasedebian/2.42Joey Hess
2013-12-05use upower by defaultJoey Hess
2013-12-05copied from sleepdJoey Hess
2013-11-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'dgit/dgit/sid'Joey Hess
2013-04-30use acpi_new with 3.2.0Joey Hess
2013-04-30Stop building with flash-in-the-pan HAL. Instead update acpi interface to use...Joey Hess
2012-03-30releasing version 2.41Joey Hess
2012-03-30wmbattery (2.41) unstable; urgency=lowJoey Hess