BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix headers to use correct Version and Last-Updated dateNicholas D Steeves2 years
archive/debian/2.0.2-1commit eb84a9b540...Nicholas D Steeves2 years
debian/2.0.2-1commit f2b952d4c3...Nicholas D Steeves2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-05-14Fix headers to use correct Version and Last-Updated dateHEADarchive/debian/2.0.2-1masterNicholas D Steeves
2017-05-14Refresh changelog timestampdebian/2.0.2-1Nicholas D Steeves
2017-05-14Install upstream README to docsNicholas D Steeves
2017-04-27Update changelogNicholas D Steeves
2017-04-270001-Fix-headers...patch: Do not add a minor versionNicholas D Steeves
2017-04-26Add Antoine's short description and credit him in d/copyrightNicholas D Steeves
2017-04-25Finalise changelogNicholas D Steeves
2017-04-25Remove lint (dh-make-elpa correctly detected the license)Nicholas D Steeves
2017-04-25Update changelog to document patchNicholas D Steeves
2017-04-25Add patch to make headers match upsteam tagged version and modified timeNicholas D Steeves