BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMake fast forward from 0.23+repack-3Andrej Shadura4 months
archive/debian/0.24+repack-1commit 4519281231...Andrej Shadura4 months
debian/0.24+repack-1commit 4b1ae7a3c9...Andrej Shadura4 months
archive/debian/0.23+repack-3commit 6bf531edb4...Andrej Shadura15 months
debian/0.23+repack-3commit b3158677c9...Andrej Shadura15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-08-27Make fast forward from 0.23+repack-3HEADarchive/debian/0.24+repack-1masterAndrej Shadura
2019-08-27Fix makefile dependencies for cross buildingHelmut Grohne
2019-08-27reorder link line to avoid FTBFS against libgompAndy Whitcroft
2019-08-27Disable check for newer upstream versionBernhard √úbelacker
2019-08-27Fix build with wx3.0 on arm*Olly Betts
2019-08-27Remove some debug printed on stdout, disable explicit -O2 and NDEBUGAndrej Shadura
2019-08-27--as-needed to avoid linking with what we don't use,Andrej Shadura
2019-08-27Use libdisasm, as libudis86 isn't yet in Debian.Andrej Shadura
2019-08-27Build with system mhash. Also fix the variables order.Andrej Shadura
2019-08-27Finalise the changelog entrydebian/0.24+repack-1Andrej Shadura