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masterchangelog: finalise 1.8.0Ian Jackson3 years
archive/debian/1.8.0commit 810aa05cbc...Ian Jackson3 years
debian/1.8.0commit 810aa05cbc...Ian Jackson3 years
debian/1.7.1commit 00298b7a18...Ian Jackson5 years
debian/1.7commit ec758768f2...Ian Jackson5 years
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2017-01-24changelog: finalise 1.8.0HEADdebian/1.8.0archive/debian/1.8.0masterIan Jackson
2017-01-24Updated Spanish debconf translation. Closes:#792184.Ian Jackson
2016-05-05Process `9x15' too.Ian Jackson
2016-05-059x15: Introduce good font (from 3.3.6-2)Ian Jackson
2016-05-059x15: Introduce bad fontIan Jackson
2016-05-0510x20: Avoid replacing >127 unicode quotesIan Jackson
2016-05-0210x20: Redo all editsIan Jackson
2016-05-0210x20: Fix vertical metric (must have slipped in fontforge)Ian Jackson
2016-05-0210x20: Revert full stop (and colon) dot sizeIan Jackson
2016-05-02Move commentary about reasons for bdfnorm from changelog to commentIan Jackson