BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastermerge from sidMatthew Vernon14 months
archive/debian/2.10commit 1fa6cabac4...Matthew Vernon14 months
debian/2.10commit 1fa6cabac4...Matthew Vernon14 months
debian/2.8commit 9f39d4adb7...Matthew Vernon4 years
debian/2.7commit 7331fbf279...Matthew Vernon6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-08-11merge from sidHEADdebian/2.10archive/debian/2.10masterMatthew Vernon
2019-08-11changelog for 2.10Matthew Vernon
2019-08-11Patch from Helmut Grohne to seed CC from dpkg's (Closes: #934465)Matthew Vernon
2019-08-06releasing package xtrlock version 2.9Chris Lamb
2019-08-06Add myself to Uploaders.Chris Lamb
2019-08-06Ensure that patchlevel.h always matches the version in debian/changelog.Chris Lamb
2019-08-06Add an example systemd service file to lock screen on suspend/sleep.Chris Lamb
2019-08-06Correct a typo in the manual page.Chris Lamb
2019-08-06Add a simple autopkgtest.Chris Lamb
2019-08-06Move to DEP-5 copyright file.Chris Lamb