BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMake fast forward from 0.8-1Ruben Undheim6 months
archive/debian/0.9-1_bpo10+1commit 76f882e8e9...Ruben Undheim6 months
debian/0.9-1_bpo10+1commit 219fa354c5...Ruben Undheim6 months
archive/debian/0.9-1commit d3e4a4f6e0...Ruben Undheim6 months
debian/0.9-1commit d16689fc3c...Ruben Undheim6 months
archive/debian/0.8+20190328git32bd0f2-1_exp1commit 881de4ade6...Ruben Undheim12 months
debian/0.8+20190328git32bd0f2-1_exp1commit 3c2327501d...Ruben Undheim12 months
archive/debian/0.8-1commit fb968be4a2...Ruben Undheim18 months
debian/0.8-1commit b08bbcdcfe...Ruben Undheim18 months
archive/debian/0.7-8commit 70bbc58028...Ruben Undheim19 months
debian/0.7-8commit 4294220347...Ruben Undheim19 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-08-21Declare fast forward from 0.7-5archive/debian/0.7-6Ruben Undheim
2018-08-21Do not show g++ build flags in Version stringRuben Undheim
2018-08-21Fix adding of sys.path in yosys-smtbmcRuben Undheim
2018-08-21Fix reproducibility of PDF documents in yosys-docRuben Undheim
2018-08-21Some spelling errors fixedRuben Undheim
2018-08-21Disable pretty buildRuben Undheim
2018-08-21Change yosys to look for the #define constant "__unix__" instead of "__linux_...Sebastian Kuzminsky
2018-08-21build the manual using the headers from the source tree, not the installed ones.Sebastian Kuzminsky
2018-08-21Switch the yosys manual font from luximono (non-free) to inconsolata (free)Sebastian Kuzminsky
2018-08-21The dependency abc is built with the name yosys-abc upstream. Since it is ava...Ruben Undheim