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@@ -232,7 +232,8 @@ Verilog Attributes and non-standard features
- The "nolatches" attribute on modules or always-blocks
prohibits the generation of logic-loops for latches. Instead
- all not explicitly assigned values default to x-bits.
+ all not explicitly assigned values default to x-bits. This does
+ not affect clocked storage elements such as flip-flops.
- The "nosync" attribute on registers prohibits the generation of a
storage element. The register itself will always have all bits set
@@ -246,6 +247,10 @@ Verilog Attributes and non-standard features
passes to identify input and output ports of cells. The verilog backend
also does not output placeholder modules on default.
+- The "keep" attribute on cells is used to mark cells that should never be
+ removed by the optimizer. This is used for example for cells that have
+ hidden connections that are not part of the netlist, such as IO pads.
- In addition to the (* ... *) attribute syntax, yosys supports
the non-standard {* ... *} attribute syntax to set default attributes
for everything that comes after the {* ... *} statement. (Reset