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@@ -50,15 +50,13 @@ Getting Started
You need a C++ compiler with C++11 support (up-to-date CLANG or GCC is
recommended) and some standard tools such as GNU Flex, GNU Bison, and GNU Make.
-The Qt4 library is needed for the yosys SVG viewer, that is used to display
-schematics, the minisat library is required for the SAT features in yosys
-and TCL for the scripting functionality. The extensive test suite requires
-Icarus Verilog. For example on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS the following commands
-will install all prerequisites for building yosys:
- $ yosys_deps="git g++ clang make bison flex libreadline-dev
- tcl8.5-dev zlib1g-dev libqt4-dev libffi-dev
- mercurial iverilog graphviz xdot"
+TCL, readline and libffi are optional (see ENABLE_* settings in Makefile).
+Xdot (graphviz) is used by the "show" command in yosys to display schematics.
+For example on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS the following commands will install all
+prerequisites for building yosys:
+ $ yosys_deps="build-essential clang bison flex libreadline-dev
+ tcl8.5-dev libffi-dev git mercurial graphviz xdot"
$ sudo apt-get install $yosys_deps
There are also pre-compiled packages for Yosys on Ubuntu. Visit the Yosys
@@ -66,12 +64,10 @@ download page to learn more about this:
-To configure the build system to use a specific set of compiler and
-build configuration, use one of
+To configure the build system to use a specific compiler, use one of
- $ make config-clang-debug
- $ make config-gcc-debug
- $ make config-release
+ $ make config-clang
+ $ make config-gcc
For other compilers and build configurations it might be
necessary to make some changes to the config section of the
@@ -118,7 +114,7 @@ some simple optimizations:
yosys> proc; opt
-display design netlist using the yosys svg viewer:
+display design netlist using xdot:
yosys> show
@@ -156,17 +152,20 @@ commands in the synthesis script:
$ ./yosys -o synth.v tests/simple/fiedler-cooley.v synth.ys
-The following synthesis script works reasonable for all designs:
+The following very basic synthesis script should work well with all designs:
# check design hierarchy
- # translate processes (always blocks) and memories (arrays)
- proc; memory; opt
+ # translate processes (always blocks)
+ proc; opt
# detect and optimize FSM encodings
fsm; opt
+ # implement memories (arrays)
+ memory; opt
# convert to gate logic
techmap; opt
@@ -175,7 +174,7 @@ in the liberty file mycells.lib, the following synthesis script will synthesize
for the given cell library:
# the high-level stuff
- hierarchy; proc; memory; opt; fsm; opt
+ hierarchy; proc; fsm; opt; memory; opt
# mapping to internal cell library
techmap; opt