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Updated verific build/test instructions
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-Notes on buildin yosys with verific support on amd64 when you only have the
-i386 eval version of Verific:
+Notes on building yosys with verific support on amd64 when you
+only have the i386 eval version of Verific:
1.) Use a Makefile.conf like the following one:
@@ -13,21 +13,19 @@ ENABLE_ABC := 0
CXXFLAGS += -m32
LDFLAGS += -m32
+VERIFIC_DIR = /usr/local/src/verific_lib_eval
-2.) Install the neccessary multilib packages.
+2.) Install the neccessary multilib packages
Hint: On debian/ubuntu the multilib packages have names such as
-libreadline-dev:amd64 or lib32readline6-dev, depending on the version
-of the system you are working with.
+libreadline-dev:amd64 or lib32readline6-dev, depending on the
+exact version of debian/ubuntu you are working with.
-Hint: On Ubuntu 14.04 there is a problem with the 32bit libz
-package. A workaround is running the following command in the
-yosys source directory:
- ln -s /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/zconf.h .
+3.) Build and test
-3.) Run 'make' and 'make install' as usual.
+make -j8
+./yosys frontends/verific/test_navre.ys