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Removed undef feature from ezsat api
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--- a/libs/ezsat/ezsat.h
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@@ -101,9 +101,6 @@ public:
// If you are planning on using the solver API (and not simply create a CNF) you must use a child class
// of ezSAT that actually implements a solver backend, such as ezMiniSAT (see ezminisat.h).
- // Note: Solvers that can output don't-care values for model variables return a twice as big modelValues
- // vector. The first half contains the values and the second half the don't-care flags.
virtual bool solver(const std::vector<int> &modelExpressions, std::vector<bool> &modelValues, const std::vector<int> &assumptions);
bool solve(const std::vector<int> &modelExpressions, std::vector<bool> &modelValues, const std::vector<int> &assumptions) {