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+\chapter{Auxilary Programs}
+Besides the main {\tt yosys} executable, the Yosys distribution contains a set
+of additional helper programs.
+The {\tt yosys-config} tool (an auto-generated shell-script) can be used to
+query compiler options and other information needed for building loadable
+modules for Yosys. FIXME: See Sec.~\ref{chapter:prog} for details.
+The {\tt yosys-filterlib} tool is a small utility that can be used to strip
+or extract information from a Liberty file. See Sec.~\ref{sec:techmap_extern}
+for details.
+The {\tt yosys-svgviewer} tool is a small Qt program that can be used to view
+SVG files. This tool is automatically launched by the {\tt show} command when
+no {\tt -format} and no {\tt -viewer} option is passed to the command. See
+{\tt help show} or Sec.~\ref{cmd:show} for details.