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-\subsection{Low-Level Synthesis}
\subsection{The ``techmap'' command}
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+Yosys is the first full-featured open source software for Verilog HDL
+synthesis. It supports most of Verilog-2005 and is well tested with
+real-world designs from the ASIC and FPGA world.
+Learn how to use Yosys to create your own custom synthesis flows and discover
+why open source HDL synthesis is important for researchers, hobbyists,
+educators and engineers alike.
+This presentation covers basic concepts of Yosys, creating simple synthesis
+scripts, creating synthesis scripts for advanced applications, creating Yosys
+scripts for non-synthesis applications (such as formal equivialence checking)
+and writing extensions to Yosys using the C++ API.
Yosys is an Open Source Verilog synthesis tool, and more.