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Added more documentation fixmes for nontrivial register cells
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@@ -357,7 +357,7 @@ Add a brief description of the {\tt \$fsm} cell type.
For gate level logic networks, fixed function single bit cells are used that do
not provide any parameters.
-Simulation models for these cells can be found in the file {\tt techlibs/common/stdcells\_sim.v} in the Yosys
+Simulation models for these cells can be found in the file {\tt techlibs/common/simcells.v} in the Yosys
source tree.
@@ -429,6 +429,14 @@ Add information about {\tt \$alu}, {\tt \$macc}, {\tt \$fa}, and {\tt \$lcu} cel
+Add information about {\tt \$dffe}, {\tt \$dffsr}, {\tt \$dlatch}, and {\tt \$dlatchsr} cells.
+Add information about {\tt \$\_DFFE\_??\_}, {\tt \$\_DFFSR\_???\_}, {\tt \$\_DLATCH\_?\_}, and {\tt \$\_DLATCHSR\_???\_} cells.
Add information about {\tt \$\_NAND\_}, {\tt \$\_NOR\_}, {\tt \$\_XNOR\_}, {\tt \$\_AOI3\_}, {\tt \$\_OAI3\_}, {\tt \$\_AOI4\_}, and {\tt \$\_OAI4\_} cells.