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transforms the internal RTL cells to the internal gate
- -opt
- run 'opt' pass on all cells from map file before using them and run
- 'opt_const' on all replacement cells before mapping recursively.
-When a module in the map file has the 'celltype' attribute set, it will match
-cells with a type that match the text value of this attribute.
-When a module in the map file contains a wire with the name 'TECHMAP_FAIL' (or
-one matching '*.TECHMAP_FAIL') then no substitution will be performed. The
-modules in the map file are tried in alphabetical order.
+When a module in the map file has the 'techmap_celltype' attribute set, it will
+match cells with a type that match the text value of this attribute.
+All wires in the modules from the map file matching the pattern _TECHMAP_*
+or *._TECHMAP_* are special wires that are used to pass instructions from
+the mapping module to the techmap command. At the moment the following spoecial
+wires are supported:
+ When this wire is set to a non-zero constant value, techmap will not
+ use this module and instead try the next module with a matching
+ 'techmap_celltype' attribute.
+ When such a wire exists but does not have a constant value after all
+ _TECHMAP_DO_* commands have been executed, an error is generated.
+ This wires are evaluated in alphabetical order. The constant text value
+ of this wire is a yosys command (or sequence of commands) that is run
+ by techmap on the module. A common use case is to run 'proc' on modules
+ that are written using always-statements.
+ When such a wire has a non-constant value at the time it is to be
+ evaluated, an error is produced. That means it is possible for such a
+ wire to start out as non-constant and evaluate to a constant value
+ during processing of other _TECHMAP_DO_* commands.
When a module in the map file has a parameter where the according cell in the
design has a port, the module from the map file is only used if the port in