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@@ -125,10 +125,6 @@ than one bit from \B{S} is set the output is undefined. Cells of this type are u
``parallel cases'' (defined by using the {\tt parallel\_case} attribute or detected by
an optimization).
-The {\tt \$safe\_pmux} behaves similarly to the {\tt \$pmux} cell type. But when more than one bit
-of \B{S} is set, it is guaranteed that this cell type will output the value of the \B{A} input instead of
-an undefined value.
Behavioural code with cascaded {\tt if-then-else}- and {\tt case}-statements
usually results in trees of multiplexer cells. Many passes (from various
optimizations to FSM extraction) heavily depend on these multiplexer trees to
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@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ This pass performs trivial resource sharing. This means that this pass identifie
with identical inputs and replaces them with a single instance of the cell.
The option {\tt -nomux} can be used to disable resource sharing for multiplexer
-cells ({\tt \$mux}, {\tt \$pmux}, and {\tt \$safe\_pmux}). This can be useful as
+cells ({\tt \$mux} and {\tt \$pmux}. This can be useful as
it prevents multiplexer trees to be merged, which might prevent {\tt opt\_muxtree}
to identify possible optimizations.