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Renamed $_INV_ cell type to $_NOT_
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@@ -371,7 +371,7 @@ source tree.
Verilog & Cell Type \\
-\lstinline[language=Verilog]; Y = ~A; & {\tt \$\_INV\_} \\
+\lstinline[language=Verilog]; Y = ~A; & {\tt \$\_NOT\_} \\
\lstinline[language=Verilog]; Y = A & B; & {\tt \$\_AND\_} \\
\lstinline[language=Verilog]; Y = A | B; & {\tt \$\_OR\_} \\
\lstinline[language=Verilog]; Y = A ^ B; & {\tt \$\_XOR\_} \\
@@ -398,7 +398,7 @@ $ClkEdge$ & $RstLvl$ & $RstVal$ & Cell Type \\
Table~\ref{tab:CellLib_gates} lists all cell types used for gate level logic. The cell types
-{\tt \$\_INV\_}, {\tt \$\_AND\_}, {\tt \$\_OR\_}, {\tt \$\_XOR\_} and {\tt \$\_MUX\_}
+{\tt \$\_NOT\_}, {\tt \$\_AND\_}, {\tt \$\_OR\_}, {\tt \$\_XOR\_} and {\tt \$\_MUX\_}
are used to model combinatorial logic. The cell types {\tt \$\_DFF\_N\_} and {\tt \$\_DFF\_P\_}
represent d-type flip-flops.
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* The internal logic cell simulation library.
* This verilog library contains simple simulation models for the internal
- * logic cells (_INV_, _AND_, ...) that are generated by the default technology
+ * logic cells (_NOT_, _AND_, ...) that are generated by the default technology
* mapper (see "stdcells.v" in this directory) and expected by the "abc" pass.
-module _INV_(A, Y);
+module _NOT_(A, Y);
input A;
output Y;
assign Y = ~A;
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@@ -367,7 +367,7 @@ to map all RTL cell types to a generic library of built-in logic gates and regis
\begin{block}{The built-in logic gate types are:}
-{\tt \$\_INV\_ \$\_AND\_ \$\_OR\_ \$\_XOR\_ \$\_MUX\_}
+{\tt \$\_NOT\_ \$\_AND\_ \$\_OR\_ \$\_XOR\_ \$\_MUX\_}
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@@ -303,7 +303,7 @@ cell name from the internal cell library:
$not $pos $bu0 $neg $and $or $xor $xnor $reduce_and $reduce_or $reduce_xor $reduce_xnor
$reduce_bool $shl $shr $sshl $sshr $lt $le $eq $ne $eqx $nex $ge $gt $add $sub $mul $div $mod
$pow $logic_not $logic_and $logic_or $mux $pmux $slice $concat $lut $assert $sr $dff
-$dffsr $adff $dlatch $dlatchsr $memrd $memwr $mem $fsm $_INV_ $_AND_ $_OR_ $_XOR_ $_MUX_ $_SR_NN_
+$dffsr $adff $dlatch $dlatchsr $memrd $memwr $mem $fsm $_NOT_ $_AND_ $_OR_ $_XOR_ $_MUX_ $_SR_NN_
$_SR_NP_ $_SR_PN_ $_SR_PP_ $_DFF_N_ $_DFF_P_ $_DFF_NN0_ $_DFF_NN1_ $_DFF_NP0_ $_DFF_NP1_ $_DFF_PN0_