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--- a/passes/abc/
+++ b/passes/abc/
@@ -638,9 +638,9 @@ struct AbcPass : public Pass {
log(" -liberty <file>\n");
log(" generate netlists for the specified cell library (using the liberty\n");
- log(" file format). This option is ignored if also -script option is also\n");
- log(" used. Without this option, ABC is used to optimize the netlist but\n");
- log(" keeps using yosys's internal gate library.\n");
+ log(" file format). Without this option, ABC is used to optimize the netlist\n");
+ log(" but keeps using yosys's internal gate library. This option is ignored if\n");
+ log(" the -script option is also used.\n");
log(" -nocleanup\n");
log(" when this option is used, the temporary files created by this pass\n");