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Added more help messages (extract, abc, dfflibmap)
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--- a/passes/extract/
+++ b/passes/extract/
@@ -44,8 +44,8 @@ namespace
return false;
- if (mod->memories.size() > 0 || mod->processes.size() > 0) {
- log(" Skipping module %s as it contains unprocessed memories or processes.\n", mod->name.c_str());
+ if (mod->processes.size() > 0) {
+ log(" Skipping module %s as it contains unprocessed processes.\n", mod->name.c_str());
return false;
@@ -203,7 +203,52 @@ namespace
struct ExtractPass : public Pass {
- ExtractPass() : Pass("extract") { }
+ ExtractPass() : Pass("extract", "find subcircuits and replace them with cells") { }
+ virtual void help()
+ {
+ log("\n");
+ log(" extract -map <map_file> [options] [selection]\n");
+ log("\n");
+ log("This pass looks for subcircuits that are isomorphic to any of the modules\n");
+ log("in the given map file and replaces them with instances of this modules. The\n");
+ log("map file can be a verilog source file (*.v) or an ilang file (*.il).\n");
+ log("\n");
+ log(" -map <map_file>\n");
+ log(" use the modules in this file as reference\n");
+ log("\n");
+ log(" -verbose\n");
+ log(" print debug output while analyzing\n");
+ log("\n");
+ log(" -constports\n");
+ log(" also find instances with constant drivers. this may be much\n");
+ log(" slower than the normal operation.\n");
+ log("\n");
+ log(" -nodefaultswaps\n");
+ log(" normally builtin port swapping rules for internal cells are used per\n");
+ log(" default. This turns that off, so e.g. 'a^b' does not match 'b^a'\n");
+ log(" when this option is used.\n");
+ log("\n");
+ log(" -compat <needle_type> <haystack_type>\n");
+ log(" Per default, the cells in the map file (needle) must have the\n");
+ log(" type as the cells in the active design (haystack). This option\n");
+ log(" can be used to register additional pairs of types that should\n");
+ log(" match. This option can be used multiple times.\n");
+ log("\n");
+ log(" -swap <needle_type> <port1>,<port2>[,...]\n");
+ log(" Register a set of swapable ports for a needle cell type.\n");
+ log(" This option can be used multiple times.\n");
+ log("\n");
+ log(" -perm <needle_type> <port1>,<port2>[,...] <portA>,<portB>[,...]\n");
+ log(" Register a valid permutation of swapable ports for a needle\n");
+ log(" cell type. This option can be used multiple times.\n");
+ log("\n");
+ log("This pass does not operate on modules with uprocessed processes in it.\n");
+ log("(I.e. the 'proc' pass should be used first to convert processes to netlists.)\n");
+ log("\n");
+ log("This pass operates on whole modules or selected cells from modules. Other\n");
+ log("selected entities (wires, etc.) are ignored.\n");
+ log("\n");
+ }
virtual void execute(std::vector<std::string> args, RTLIL::Design *design)
log_header("Executing EXTRACT pass (map subcircuits to cells).\n");