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@@ -1158,7 +1158,7 @@ struct AbcPass : public Pass {
log(" use the specified ABC script file instead of the default script.\n");
log(" if <file> starts with a plus sign (+), then the rest of the filename\n");
- log(" string is interprated as the command string to be passed to ABC. the\n");
+ log(" string is interpreted as the command string to be passed to ABC. The\n");
log(" leading plus sign is removed and all commas (,) in the string are\n");
log(" replaced with blanks before the string is passed to ABC.\n");
@@ -1235,7 +1235,7 @@ struct AbcPass : public Pass {
log(" -keepff\n");
log(" set the \"keep\" attribute on flip-flop output wires. (and thus preserve\n");
- log(" them, for example for equivialence checking.)\n");
+ log(" them, for example for equivalence checking.)\n");
log(" -nocleanup\n");
log(" when this option is used, the temporary files created by this pass\n");