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@@ -317,6 +317,18 @@ Verilog Attributes and non-standard features
+- A limited subset of DPI-C functions is supported. The plugin mechanism
+ (see "help plugin") can be used load .so files with implementations of
+ DPI-C routines. As a non-standard extension it is possible to specify
+ a plugin alias using the "<alias>:" syntax. for example:
+ module dpitest;
+ import "DPI-C" function foo:round = real my_round (real);
+ parameter real r = my_round(12.345);
+ endmodule
+ $ yosys -p 'plugin -a foo -i /lib/; read_verilog dpitest.v'
- Sized constants (the syntax <size>'s?[bodh]<value>) support constant
expressions as <size>. If the expresion is not a simple identifier, it
must be put in parentheses. Examples: WIDTH'd42, (4+2)'b101010